Common Insects That Can Do Damage To Your Home

Our home and property can face different types of things that can damage it. And while we usually think of natural disasters like flooding and earthquakes, there are actually other more vicious culprits. What we’re talking about are insects and pests. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners, maybe even you, ignore insects because you think they’re small enough for you to be concerned about the damage they can do. However, unlike natural disasters, insects and pests can be very persistent. Although they damage your property gradually, the act of ignoring them will lead to very serious consequences later on. Consulting with a qualified exterminator will help you identify what issues you may have in your home.

In this article, we’ll look at the most common insects that can inflict damage to the wooden components of your home. It is important that you know them in order to prepare for them. Based on estimates, homeowners and business owners are suffering about $1 billion in property damage and loss every year because of wood destroying insects. While most of us are quite familiar with termites, they’re actually just one of the many wood-eating insects out there.

Carpenter Ants and Bees

wood damaging antCarpenter ants and bees are not what their names suggest. They won’t be there to help you build your home. Instead, they do exactly the opposite. Or carpenter ants, they’re very common in the north and usually come out during the spring. Unlike other species of ants, they come out in huge swarms. What they like to do is tunnel into damp as well as decayed wood, where they built nests and colonies. If you see any carpenter ants in your home, it usually means there are water leaks in and maybe around your building or home. Carpenter bees on the other hand are found just about anywhere. They also burrow into wood for the purpose of laying eggs. They like unfinished wood than anything else.

The most obvious signs of carpenter ant infestation are piles of fecal matter (frass) and wood shavings. As for carpenter bees, you know you have them near if you see round holes in wood. They like to float around and near their nests. If you happen to see sawdust around your entry points, that’s another sign of carpenter bees.

termite damageTermites

And then there’s the good old termite. Termites are the all-time most annoying insects when it comes to damaging your home. That’s also the reason why they’re the most familiar. They exist in literally every corner of the world, not just in the U.S. Aside from wood they also love to munch on sheet rock, carpet, and cardboard. Unlike ants and bees, they are very difficult to find. As a matter of fact, many homeowners only become aware of their existence in their homes or property when damage has become very obvious.

Wood Boring Beetles

wood boring beetleThese pesky creatures are also known in some areas as the powder post beetles. They love to leave their eggs in wood, which means they bore into any wood component in your home to be able breed. They look for cracks and crevices to in order to keep their young secure. As soon as the larvae hatch, they then start feasting on the same wood. Wood boring beetles are one of the quickest when it comes to damaging wood, including that of walls, furniture, and others. Just like carpenter ants, you also can figure out that they exist if you see wood shavings and sawdust. Another sign is tiny holes perforating the wood.

Hire a Pest Exterminator

Hiring a professional pest exterminator makes perfect sense if you figure out that you already have an infestation. While you may perform your own pest control and extermination methods, hiring an expert will certainly give you guaranteed results.

In the search of pest control expert, be sure you check local organizations and check references. Talk to the people close to you because they might be able to give you a name or two.