Bed Bug Facts You Still Might Not Be Aware Of

Bed bugs are so common in homes these days that you might be thinking you already know everything about them. But the thing is you have so many things you still don’t know about these pests. Of course, you know the traditional truths like they feed on humans sleeping in their beds, they cause itchiness, and they don’t really go down without a fight!

Now in order to know how to effectively deal with them, you need to learn more about them. So this article is all about that.

Bed bugs can adapt to any environment and can live anywhere.

Bed bugs may be common in cheap hotels, but that isn’t the only place they thrive. The truth is that they can live in practically all types of living space, including homes, hospitals, apartments, college dorms, buildings, buses, movie theaters, stores, and others. Think of it this way: if there are humans, there are also bed bugs. According to a recent survey with pest professionals as respondents,  89 percent of single family homes they visit have bed bug infestations.

These insects are not just city dwellers.

bitesIt is not true that bed bugs are pests that only exist in big cities and in third world countries. As a matter of fact, they’re found in all states in the U.S. The numbers don’t lie. For instance, almost 20 percent of respondents in the Northeast in a study said that they have bed bugs; the same percentage is also seen in property owners in the Midwest, South, and the West. However, it is worthy of mentioning that the likelihood of bed bugs is actually three times higher in urban areas compared to rural areas. And as we said earlier, that’s because more people reside in urban areas. There is also increased mobility and apartment living, two factors that contribute to the rapid increase in bed bugs.

Bed bugs are really enduring creatures.

Although they’re quite small, they actually can live for several months even without a source of blood meal. That’s why they can stick to the furniture, suitcases, bags, and other places for very long periods until they find a new host to suck blood. Aside from long periods of no meal, they also can adapt and withstand extreme cold temperatures of up to 122 degrees. This is also the very reason why they are difficult to kill with do-it-yourself methods. You need pros to get rid of them using professional treatment.

They are smart creatures.

bed bug bitesBed bugs have live through all sorts of threats and predators, thereby building amazing survival instincts. They’re quite elusive, too, and are masters of hiding. They have adapted and learned to stay out of sight during the day and then come out at night time when we emit carbon dioxide by exhaling.

They are also methodical.

They somehow have that predictable feeding pattern. The moment they find a host, they feed on that for about ten minutes until repletion. The bite marks they leave behind are quite obvious, usually in clusters or rows on exposed skin, whether it is on the chest, legs, and arms.

If you happen to have a bed bug infestation at home, it does not make sense if you solve it all by yourself. They’re not like ants or spiders that you can easily deal with. You instead should call a licensed pest professional who knows more than you do in terms of handling bed bugs.